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Research and Projects

General Research Interest

My research interest mainly focuses on Computational Mechanics and Numerical Simulation of the problems related to the field of Geotechnical, Earthquake, and Structural Engineering and Engineering Mechanics/Dynamics.


Geotechnical Engineering

I have recently worked on the following subjects related to the field of Geotechnical Engineering:


  • Design of wave barriers for mitigation of horizontal and vertical seismic waves;

  • Design of wave barriers for mitigation of train-induced vibrations;

  • Analytical and numerical simulation of the behavior of stone-columns;

  • Using Topology Optimization concepts in design of wave barriers;

  • Applying Solid-State-Physics concepts for design of wave barriers in the ground;

  • Wave propagation in porous media;  


Earthquake and Structural Engineering and Computational Mechanics

Dr. Mahdi Samadzad (an Assistant Professor at University of Tehran) and I have recently developed a new continuous wave-based software for wave propagation analysis of complex structural frames, railways, and group piles. We have  received a grant from Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) for this purpose. We have selected the name COMEND for this software which abbreviates "Computational Mechanics and Engineering Dynamics". The software contains many features such as a comprehensive library for refraction matrices at discontinuities, a general assembly subroutine, and a numerical solver for free and forced vibration analysis of  complex systems. The software is still under development and we are trying to add more features to it. 


Engineering Mechanics and Identification of Systems

Dr. Mahdi Samadzad, Dr. Maryam Bitaraf (Assistant Professors at University of Tehran) and I have newly established a research laboratory named LEMIS (Laboratory of Engineering Mechanics and Identification of Systems ) in which we do high-quality experimental and numerical research in the fields of Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Dynamics, Wave Propagation, and Identification of Systems. A separate website is under preparation for LEMIS lab and will be ready soon!